Friday, December 26, 2014

LANDSLIDE — Cover/Playlist Reveal

With this reveal, you music whores are in for a treat! What makes this reveal different from any of the others is that not only are you getting to lay your eyes on Landslide's GORGEOUS cover for the first time, but you're also getting a sneak peek at its playlist! (Notice the listening link above for "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac)

I've used some really incredible songs as chapter titles in this book, as well as for inspiration and the occasional reference within it, and everyone participating in the reveal has picked an individual song from my playlist, not knowing if the song they chose is a chapter title or not mind you, and they will be sharing a listening link for the songs they chose along with the cover.

Not only that, but in addition to some of my fave bloggers sharing the cover and songs throughout the day today, some of my fave AUTHORS are participating too! So, if you're keen to see what I might have in store for your listening ears, you can see the list of bloggers, authors, and some #TeamGYP peeps who are participating and then travel to their pages in your quest! And maybe, you'll discover a new blog to follow and/or another author to add to your list of favorites, because I'm telling you, this is an all-star list composed of many INCREDIBLY talented authors, some of whom are New York Times best sellers and others who deserve to be!

Also, I'll be giving away up to 25 ARCs of Landslide (link to the request form is below), and make sure you check out the Rafflecopter giveaway posted below the list of participants! And if you're on Facebook and want to make sure you stay up to date with the latest on Landslide, join the Facebook Group, Landslide, A Novel by Jenn Cooksey!!

And now, it's finally time to show you all the heartbreaking beauty of Landslide's cover!! Are you ready?!

Drumroll, please...

Cover/Playlist Reveal Participants:

(I've done my best to link everyone playing my reindeer games, however, please keep in mind that many of the participants may be posting on their Facebook pages, Instagram, tsū, Twitter or other media sites outside of their websites. I've linked author and blog websites as well as author FB pages, as my best guess as to where their posts are, but if you go to a website and don't see Landslide's cover, I'd check out their FB page, Instagram account, or find them on another media outlet.)

While you're visiting blogs and authors, please, for the love of Bacon, take a moment to help show my appreciation and return their support by liking their post, sharing it, and even following them if you don't already. Because remember, sharing is caring and 'tis the season—especially with the way posts are being the suppressed the way they are and thus going unseen by so many now, we can all use the help and support to get the literary word out. ;-)

Participating Authors:

Author Beth Ehemann - Facebook Page

Participating Blogs:

Participating #TeamGYP peeps who don't blog:

Landslide ARC Request Form

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