Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Shark Bait Back to School Blog Hop — Schedule & Grand Prize Details

From September 10th thru the 21st, 14 kickass book blogs will be participating in my Shark Bait Back to School Blog Hop. Each stop will be hosting an individual giveaway of an e-book copy of Shark Bait in the winner's preferred format as well a little piece of Shark Bait swag. However, on the last day of the hop—September 21st—I will be hosting my own stop on the hop and there will you be able to enter for a shot at one GRAND PRIZE—The Ultimate Shark Bait Swag Bag!!

Grand prize includes an autographed copy of Shark Bait, a Shark Bait acrylic tumbler, a refrigerator whiteboard, a bookmark, a bookish rubber ducky, a shark paddleball game, and it all comes to you in a Shark Bait drawstring backpack!
*Backpack may vary by color and rubber ducky may vary by "genre"*
To enter the grand prize drawing, you will be completing a SCAVENGER HUNT!! You MUST travel to each stop on the blog hop in order of posting date to collect highlighted letters that will eventually spell out the answer to the question I will be asking on the final day of the hop. So! Make a note of the schedule below and be sure to travel to every blog and jot down the highlighted letters you find! On September 21st, I will post what is sure to be a very entertaining and informative (shhh...quit your sarcastic snickering and scoffing now—I'm trying to delude myself) blogpost that will include how many letters you should have, how many words, and the question that the phrase will answer. You will write your answer in the Rafflecopter widget that will be on the post as well. DO NOT put your answer in the comments section!! That will ruin everyone else's fun and you won't be properly entered in the giveaway. Please note that if you win, I will need your email address to notify you, so you should probably include that in your answer as well—just to be safe. I promise I won't spam you with any of my crap or anyone else's. ;-)

So that's it! The schedule is below, * indicates double duty dates—2 blogs to travel to on the same day—and because I love you guys and want you all to have fun without working too hard, the schedule is linked so all you have to do is click on the name of the blog and voila! You're there!! And as always, if you have any questions, please comment away!!

  Sept. 10th - The Bookish Brunette
  Sept. 11th - I Love YA Fiction
 *Sept. 12th - Little Read Ridinghood   
                  - Literary Exploration
  Sept. 13th - Sliced Open Reviews
  Sept. 15th - Insightful Minds Reviews
 *Sept. 16th - Just a Girl Geek
                  -  For Love & Books
 *Sept. 17th - The Autumn Review 
                  - Hackaroo's Reviews
  Sept. 18th - The Indie Bookshelf
  Sept. 19th - TotallyBooked
  Sept. 20th - I'm a Book Shark
  Sept. 21st - Right Here!

——Note about the highlighted letters for the scavenger hunt;
Depending how the blogger does it, you'll be looking for something like this: or z also, the highlighting color may vary from blog to blog so just a heads up. ;-)


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    1. Me TOO!!! Of course, I'm contemplating skipping the coffee and going straight to hard liquor this morning just to calm my nerves, but regardless, YAY!! LMAO

  2. Yea. I checked at 1:30 in the morning. I'm not ashamed of it. I want that tumbler.

    1. You crack me up! ♥

      The giveaway for the grand prize won't be posted here until the last day of the blog hop on the 21st, but, don't forget, you HAVE to go to every stop on the hop to collect the letters...they will spell out the answer to a question and that answer is mandatory to enter the giveaway!! So if you haven't yet, hop on over to the Bookish Brunette—she's kicking off the hop and her post is up RIGHT NOW!!! ;-)

  3. Of course I did. Read the blog, your note, listened to the songs and collected my letters. Will be traveling to the next blog at around 1:30 tomorrow morning. =D

  4. How fun!!! Totally joining in on this hunt...I want that swag! I'm more than a little curious about your book and I am definitely going to check it out. :-)

    1. So happy to hear you're joining us, Antonietta! Hope you have fun and good luck on the hunt!!

  5. I find any event that grants to go back to school a good endeavor to encourage students and gives them the boost they want to be motivated.

  6. Replies
    1. Aw, thanks Brenda! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!!



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