The Naked Truth

Tidbits & Trivia About Yours Truly:

1) I'm married to an attractive and uber-supportive man. We got married on a dare while we were in Las Vegas. Yes, I got married on a dare. And before you ask what the hell I was thinking, remember I wasn't standing alone at the alter. ;-) Also, 2012 marked our 16th wedding anniversary so I think we're safely past the point of waking up one morning and asking ourselves the same exact question.

2) My husband and I have three minions. Er...children. Their names in order of appearance are; #1, #2, and #3. Although and much to her continual aggravation, there is some debate over #1's title by my bffle's eldest son who believes he's #1. And as I will no doubt mention him by that name from time to time in my blogging, I think for clarity's sake I'll do away with the numbering of my minions and go with A, F, and E. They're all girls. That reality occasionally makes their father want to go out for milk and never come back.

3) I was born in Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa, Ca.—a suburb of San Diego—I went to Grossmont High School, as did my husband, and both of our parents before us. I love my high school and had some phenomenal experiences and met some of the most amazing people while matriculating there, thus the reason for why most of the characters in the Grab Your Pole series go to GHS.

4) I'm an amazing housekeeper. I keep my home surgically sanitary and there's a place for everything and everything is always in its place. That way my husband is kept happy and I never lose a damned thing.

5) I believe that Bacon is entirely worthy of being profusely enthused over. It should also be capitalized. Always.

Okay, so #4 is nothing but unadulterated lies, but, I write fiction.

6) I swear. Pretty much a lot. However, I will endeavor to keep my splendiferous use of profanity out of most of what I write here. Just wanted to make you aware and I can't promise an f-bomb won't slip out somewhere over the rainbow of my blog ranting.

7) I read. And not just emails, blogs, and tweets. I read literature and I like it. I'm a speed reader and I can finish a 400 page novel in under 24 hours if it captures my attention enough. My record for most books read in one chunk of time was back in 2010-2011 when I took a break from writing to enjoy the holidays with my family and I ended up devouring 24 books in about 28 days.

8) I honestly miss the '80s. We had it all. Great music, rockin' hair styles, mostly decent fashion (okay yeah, that's another lie, sue me), Ronald Reagan, and the best social networking was done hovering around a keg in some kid's backyard while his trusting parents weren't home (I know, right? Fail.).

9) Like a lot of comedians, I write about what I know. Which means that until I break into the paranormal...well, although I write fiction, a lot of what I write is loosely based off of my experiences. 

10) I can deal with a lot of bullshit and I'm not offended by much, so with that being said, there are two things that will absolutely NOT be tolerated on this Blog and they are spamming and Justin Bieber. Like drugs, don't do it. It's fine if you like the Bieb, I just don't want to hear about it. And no one likes spam; that is, unless it comes in a can.

If there's anything else about me you're dying to know, just ask and I'll be happy to give you a version of the truth.

You can contact me via email at (pretty quick-witted on the email address, huh?) and through Facebook at Jenn Cooksey Novels and/or via Twitter at @Jenn_Cooksey

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