Picture Mail

I concur.
And Shark Bait has approximately 144 beauteous F-bombs in it! ;-) 

MMM...this is what I call a delicious read!

If it wouldn't screw with the space-time continuum,
I'd totally Google how to rid the world of mornings.

'Nough said.

Yeah, see...that's why I carry a minimum of 3 iPods with me at all times.
Otherwise I'd get lost in my own house and I wouldn't
understand a damned thing my kids say to me.
Not that I do even with the benefit of my own personal life soundtrack,
but the music helps drown out the indistinguishable sounds they make

Because no computer is complete without one.

Unicorns kick ass.
I plan to be mounted on one when the
zombie apocalypse ensues.
Yeah, when that shit goes down,
I'm not taking chances...

From real-life fans!! I mean how awesome is that?!

Yep, pretty much.

I can and I have. :-p

Even with all the praying I do, I'm still probably going to Hell...

It's true. And the dark side tastes gooood!!

You all have to admit, this button screams Jillian...
Although she would never give an
overt, advanced warning like this.

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