#TeamGYP (formerly known as The Grab Your Pole Street Team)

* You can now stay connected by following via Twitter too! @GYPStreetTeam *

The Grab Your Pole Street Team is currently under construction and is being revamped! Please make note of the new name, #TeamGYP, the base of operations of which is now on Facebook. 
(*We apologize for asking those who have previously signed up to re-sign up, and as before, we promise to not share your personal information with any third party.) 

Welcome to #TeamGYP!

This team is all about spreading the love for all things Jenn Cooksey.

Joining #TeamGYP is so easy! Just follow the link at the bottom of the page to fill out the member information form, “Like” Jenn Cooksey Novels on Facebook, and then for you uber-pimps, be sure to search Facebook for the group #TeamGYP and request to join! Membership of the Facebook group invloves participating in brain storming and strategy sessions, as well as promoting Jenn in all aspects. In exchange for their participation and support, members will have opportunities to enter exclusive #TeamGYP giveaways and other random fun things, like insider information, quotes, and the occasional Q&A session with Jenn!
Official #TeamGYP members who have left an Amazon review for any or all of Jenn's books will receive a wristband declaring you to be an official team member! To get your wristband just write an honest review for one (or preferably ALL of Jenn's books), then provide a link for your review(s) in the member information form below, OR send #TeamGYP Admin, Ali Hymer, a PM on Facebook with the link(s) and your mailing address!

How the GYP Street Team works:
As members of #TeamGYP, you will have the opportunity to help support, promote, and perform tasks that will help spread the word about Jenn and her books. These tasks are not required, but often times they will gain you entries towards winning prizes. You do not have to be a blogger to be a #TeamGYP member, however we strongly recommend that you be on Facebook and request membership to the FB group, #TeamGYP, as this private group is the base of the team's operations and the hub of communication.

Exclusive FB Giveaway Prizes May Include:

These are just examples; prizes for specific giveaways/tasks will be determined before the giveaway starts, and may include but are not limited to any of the prizes listed below:

·         An autographed physical copy of one of Jenn's books

·          A limited edition, autographed ARC of future books

·         eBooks

·        T-shirts

·     Tote Bags

·         Music from the books

·         Bookmarks

·         Wristbands

·         Signed glossies of book covers

·        Coffee mugs

·         Amazon gift cards

·         A Q&A chat with author, Jenn Cooksey


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