Thursday, May 17, 2012

Joss Whedon is a ROCKSTAR

I've been living in a cave of frustration and ineptitude for more than two weeks now. My sojourn to that place of despair, however, was self-inflicted. Book publishing is tricky business, and when I was told it was time to get Shark Bait out into the homes and hearts of readers, I willingly put writing book 4 on the back burner and jumped into seeing book 1 published. Needless to say, I had no idea how in over my head I would become, so deep are those waters.

Now I'm not gonna get into the reasons for my myriad irritations right now, because the fact is, most of you probably don't give two squirts about the intricacies of formatting and book cover art—although I might write a blog about my publishing, experiences at some point in the future. I'll give you fair warning when I do, though. That way you have time to figure out a viable excuse for not reading my blog that particular day.

That being said, today is all about His Awesomeness Joss, the king of snark.

Knowing me as well as she does, K-E-L-L-Y dragged me out of the house yesterday and forced me to take a break. In doing so, she also accomplished the feat of making me laugh, rather than the grumbling and growling I'd been doing, and, she got me to take my mind off of my job. Not an easy task by any means as I'm an obsessive personality type (Shhh). Not to mention it was barely double digits when she picked me up... 

And how you ask, did she do all that? Well it's quite simple really, she took me to see The Avengers.

I knew it was gonna be great—I mean come on...look at the cast, how could it not be great?—but Joss Whedon far and away surpassed all my expectations, skyrocketing The Avengers into a realm of the phenomenal. 

For those of you don't know who Joss is, well, put in basic terms, he's the bomb. He's responsible for much-loved TV shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, and Dollhouse. And I would be remiss if I didn't mention one of his more recent forays onto the big screen, The Cabin in the Woods. Yet, it will be Joss's work in The Avengers that will put him smack-dab on top of the Hollywood Mainstream Map.

I honestly believe that without the genius he poured into the making of it, The Avengers would've been a let down, similar to Captain America. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it, but overall I found it to be a little meh. Alternately, Joss's influence on the actors in The Avengers was rampantly apparent thru out, making the movie engaging and compelling, but also often times, laugh-out-loud funny. His snarky witt prevalent in the dialogue as well as in the actors' mannerisms and delivery made for some of the best on screen word play I've seen in quite some time—then probably being the last time I watched Buffy. 

Need action? Want to see stuff explode? Like aliens and evil plots to destroy humankind? Yep. He got all that in there spades in fact, all the while maintaining a quality of realism that enables a viewer to think to themselves, "You know, if alternate realms of existence were real, I bet it would go down exactly like this." Besides, Joss's affinity for putting hot guys in dusters and tailcoats will always be a plus in my book.

But I beg you, don't take my word for it. If you haven't had the chance or inclination to see The Avengers yet, go. Go now. And if you have the good fortune to have already seen it, go again. It's that amazing. 

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