Monday, March 25, 2013

Sorry, I'm Breaking the Rules, but, I'm Human

As a general rule, I don't comment on reviews. I will "like" a review from time to time on Goodreads or Amazon etc., but regardless of whether they're positive or negative, commenting just isn't a great idea from a professional standpoint. As a human, though, that's hard to do. I want to comment on some most of them and with words, virtually relay my jumping up and down and squealing with delight over someone's positive opinion of my writing. I can't do that, though. Or I shouldn't. Whatever the case, I don't do that. 

But, here again, I'm human. I want to say thank you to those people who have taken time out of their busy and hectic lives to read my work, and then actually go one step further to write a review of it. And sometimes, I even want to comment and maybe explain why I wrote something the way I did when I reviewer doesn't particularly care for something in my story. I'm afflicted with that urge less frequently however, partly because I accepted long ago that I will never please everyone no matter how hard I try. Another reason is that they're my stories and they're written primarily for me, and I'll be goddamned if I have to debate and seek approval for what I want to do with them (Insert visual image of me as a 6 year old, stomping my foot and yelling, "You're not the boss of me!!").

With all that said, though, every now and then there comes a review, email, FB message or what have you that really makes me want to say, "Fuck it. I'm commenting." I've received several of those messages from a mixture of media sources in just the last couple days alone and because I'm human and was on emotional appreciation overload to begin with, I "liked" a review on Goodreads and when it asked for me to say something about it on the crosspost to Facebook, I couldn't help myself. I'm forgiving myself with the excuse that it wasn't a comment geared towards that one review in particular, though. And because that's the God's honest truth, I want to publicly tell you all what receiving review love does for me. So, here's what I said...

Over the last months, I have been so fortunate as to receive some stellar reviews of Shark Bait. Some make me giggle, some make me sentimental and nostalgic to go back and re-read my own damned book, while still others touch my writer's heart for their recognition and praise of my talent and what I've endeavored to put into the development of not only my stories, but my much beloved characters. So, to those who have written reviews such as this, (this one included), thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Your words lift me up and inspire me to keep going. Never did I imagine that I could touch a person with my writing the way some of you have proclaimed yourselves to be, and that, well...that is a gift like nothing else imaginable. Truly, I am humbled...

And I meant every word. I always will. So, if you ever take time away from your life to write a review, PM me, tweet to me, FB me, etc. ad nauseum, and you only hear crickets from me in response, please know that I am not shunning or ignoring you. Sometimes I'm just too bogged down in my own shit to be able to respond right away, and if that happens, there's a good chance I'll forget I ever needed or wanted to respond in the first place, and then there are those scenarios where I feel that it wouldn't be a smart move on my part to open my mouth— know what I mean. However, I do appreciate and hold close to my heart every single word of praise and acknowledgement I receive from you guys. I mean that, I really do. And  to prove it and at the risk of making everyone who reads this along with myself puke, I want you to know that you guys, my readers and fans, are the wind beneath my wings. 



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