Tuesday, January 28, 2014

NOLA Event Ultimate GYP Swag Giveaway

*Bag color is not guaranteed as pink, additional pieces of swag not pictured may potentially be added depending on availability and prize also may or may not include an authentic New Orleans voodoo doll (not pictured here either because I haven't bought it yet), so any skeptics and chicken shits, please be advised.*

**UPDATE 01/30/14**
Here's the official list of ways you can enter to win this awesomesauce collection of GYP swag and possibly a few extra goodies that aren't pictured...

stop by my table at the event (live entry)

correctly answer trivia questions (rafflecopter entries) *note; trivia questions will be added throughout the length of the giveaway so make sure you check in frequently in order to maximize your entries*

purchase a GYP book at the signing (live entry)

stalk me in NOLA (live entry)

take a picture w/me in NOLA & post it to FB and/or twitter and tag me too (rafflecopter entry)

if you're a member of #TeamGYP on FB, wear your wristband to the signing & show me—this will demonstrate to the world how utterly cool and fashionable you are (live entry)

"like" Jenn Cooksey Novels on Facebook (rafflecopter entry)

follow me (@Jenn_Cooksey) on Twitter (rafflecopter entry)

leave a blogpost comment (rafflecopter entry)

share the giveaway on Facebook (rafflecopter entry)

tweet about the giveaway (rafflecopter entry)

and finally...

leave an honest review for any or all GYP book(s) on Amazon (rafflecopter entry)

Oh and for those attending the NOLA event, be sure to take part in the "Name Jenn's Voodoo Doll Contest"!!

New Orleans... The Big Easy and reportedly the most haunted city in America. So yeah, of course I'm excited about participating in a book signing there! And because I'm so excited, I want all of YOU to be as well! So, to that end, I have a little incentive for EVERYONE, including my #TeamGYP members, those of you coming to see me, and those who sadly can't make it this time!

Up for grabs is the above pictured swag collection and maybe one or two other goodies not shown. Rafflecopter is coming soon posted below, but because of their nature, not all opportunities to enter will be available that way, and just so that you have a heads up, entries will be in the form of things like Tweeting about the giveaway and sharing it on FB, coming to my table during the signing, following me on Twitter and liking my FB page, being a *current member of the #TeamGYP group on FB, leaving Amazon reviews for GYP books, wearing your #TeamGYP wristband to the signing and showing it to me, purchasing books at the signing, answering trivia questions about the GYP books and yours truly correctly, stalking me in NOLA outside of the signing and worshipping at my not really dainty feet, etc...

The giveaway will begin some time on Thursday, roughly around the time my plane touches down in New Orleans, and it'll run until approximately until Tuesday morning—this will give all you Broncos and Seahawks fans time to stop cussing each other out like little bitches after Sunday's big game so that you can write all kinds of beautifully glowing things about me and my genius on Amazon if you haven't already done so.

So, are you excited yet?!!

You should be. There's some epic shit in this prize and if you don't get excited and play along, the spirits of New Orleans will haunt your lame asses for eternity. I promise. I was given an authentic NOLA voodoo doll for Christmas and I'm not afraid to use it!!

See? I told you, this bitch is real. I should probably come up with a name for her, though, huh? Maybe I'll hold another contest to name her. Hmm... ;-)
*UPDATE: ^^This is SO happening! Stop by my table at the signing for details and to enter, and for you #TeamGYP members, you're gonna have the chance to get in on this shit too, but we'll talk about that later and in the group. ;-) *


  1. When is the 4th book coming out...im addicted!

  2. Is that a copy of SB with the original cover? I want it. :P

    1. Actually, Erin, what you're seeing/talking about is the refrigerator whiteboard based off the vintage cover. HOWEVER, what I've done in the past for this kind of prize was to make the edition winner's choice. :-D

    2. I have 2 copies of SB with the original cover. But one of them has tabs in it that I used to get all the quotes.

  3. I was supposed to be in NOLA to meet you but was unable to make it at the last minute. :`(


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