Sunday, June 10, 2018

A Word (or several) On #GYP4

A word (or several) about #GYP4...
Many upon many GYP readers have been foaming at the mouth for quite some time and have been asking about when the 4th book is coming out. The answer is simple: I don't know yet.
This particular book is different than the others in the series, it's very tricky to write, it's thrown me and beta readers for some quite unexpected, crazy-ass corkscrew loops, and I want to get every part of it as perfect as I can so as to do the characters, the book, and the overall GYP story justice while staying true to myself and what I envision and will be satisfied with when all is said and done, which means it's taking a while.
I appreciate everyone's unending love, unconditional support, and extreme patience in regard to this project, but I have this to say as well... If you find yourself getting overly antsy and impatient (which I totally get, because I'm RIGHT there with you, believe me), consider yourselves somewhat lucky that you've only been waiting a few years. To help you with that, here's a little-known fact: I've been writing this 1 book for roughly 8 years now. You read that right. EIGHT years.
Yes, I've taken breaks to publish the 1st 3 books in the series, to write and release Landslide, to go back into the 1st book I ever wrote and get it edited and killer-awesome cover art so that it's ready to go for release (which I'm not going to do now until I'm closer to being done with the GYP series or finished with it completely), as well as having started work on myriad other writing projects. I've only done those things, however, because it has been necessary in order for me to not get burned out on this one book, because it's an intricate, leviathan of a book, one that won't be available in print in one single volume if I stick with the print parameters of the other books in the series—it will most likely have to be printed in at least 2 volumes unless I can sweet-talk Amazon Publishing or Create Space into making an exception on their max-page, either that or I'll have to go with a larger format, which means the series won't be uniform in size, and that'll quite frankly really fucking piss off my readers who buy print books for the sheer purpose of them looking pretty on their bookshelves, and the vast majority of the readers I know are those people (#NoJudgment).
So, to recap; 8 years is a long fucking time for me to be writing 1 book. It has thus far been a long and arduous journey fraught with trials, tears, revelations, compromise, sleepless nights, and some laughter at my expense from betas. I know there's light at the end of the GYP4 tunnel, although I still can't quite see more than a faint glimmer of that light yet, because again, it's a long fucking tunnel. But, I'm getting there. I promise. Once it's done and I'm bathing in sunshine, cover art is good to go, and I'm comfortable with how I'm set up for the remaining books in the series, I'll pick a release date, I'll shout the announcement from the highest rooftops of social media, and then I'll give it to you. And just FYI, the announcement of a release date will also be the cover reveal, and with that, the title will be revealed as well. It'll all be done in ONE shot.
Also, once the info is out, please don't request an ARC. I hate saying no and sounding like a self-important bitch who's too big for her britches (because I'm nobody really and I know this), but I do have my reasons and I don't give out ARCs when it comes to this series; however, with that said, I might get a wild hair up my aged ass and decide to do a single ARC giveaway in the FB group JC & The Apostles, but I don't want anyone holding their breath.
And one other thing I'm going to do...or, not do...I'm not going to fuck around. I'm not going to drag out the time between the announcement of the release date and publication just so that I can do a lot of pre-release promotion. I'll make 2 announcements. The first will be when I'm done writing it and it has gone into the editing and cover art phase, and then once I have a release date based on how long that might take, I'll make the second announcement (cover/title/release date reveal) which will give people a heads up with hopefully enough time for everyone to get a re-read of books 1-3 in. Then I'm just going to give book 4 to you guys.
You'll have waited long enough, and sweet baby Jesus knows, I will have too.

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  1. Hey...You are important and wonderful! I love your books. Thank you for them and being you. I can wait as long as it takes for #4! It's something to look forward to.


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