Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Why? What? When?

So, I have a few announcements for everyone today...

The first is that at some point this week, you all should expect to start seeing reviews of The Other Fish in the Sea popping up. This is extremely exciting for me, but I'm also a little petrified. Knowing my work is being read and will subsequently be reviewed, sometimes freaks me the fuck out and I chain smoke and become an unbathed basket case. Truly. It isn't pretty. However, even with that being the case, I would like to beg everyone and their mother's fourteenth cousin twice removed to please write and leave a review for Shark Bait on Amazon and even Barnes & Noble if you can, and then when you finish reading TOFitS, please do the same. Why? Because reviews are what power the book industry in all manner of ways. Even if you don't particularly care for a book, leaving a review whether negative or positive helps the reading world to know whether a certain book might be to their liking or if it's something they probably shouldn't spend their hard earned money on. Additionally, the more reviews left for a book on buy sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, the more exposure a book will receive. Reviews also drive best seller ranking—again, regardless of whether the review is positive or negative. So, if you're one of the people out there who feel like traditional publishers should be banging down my door so you can see and even purchase my titles in brick and mortar bookstores, or if you would get a giggle out of seeing Shark Bait or any of my other books on Amazon's Top 100 in overall books or even *whispers out of ultimate respect* the NYT Best Sellers List, you HAVE to leave a review on Amazon first and foremost. I'm an un-agented Indie author with inadequate funds to do a lot of pimping, book signings and appearances at big book events, and uber-cool giveaways, not that any of you need to hear about my financial standing, but my point is, there's only so much book bloggers and I can do to bring word of my creative genius to the rest of the world. (<—Digging deep for this godawful showing of egotism this morning, aren't I? Ugh.) And not only should you leave a review, but you should encourage everyone you know who has read the books to do the same. And this goes without saying of course, but I would be grateful if you were to encourage everyone you know and even perfect strangers to buy and read the books if they haven't yet.

This brings me to announcement number two... In the coming week, I believe, everyone who wants to become a tried and true Grab Your Pole pimp will have the opportunity to do so while also having the opportunity to win fun and unique GYP paraphernalia by joining what? Well, the GYP Street Team of course! Members of my Street Team will earn what I like to call "pimp points" for completing certain tasks and then those points will accrue over a designated time frame where at the end of that time, people with points will be entered to win something. There will be more info about this in the next week or so as well as when you can begin signing up, however, I wanted to give you all a heads up about this now because one of the things you'll be able to earn points by doing will be submitting proof of purchase to the GYP Street Team officials via either a forwarded email receipt or an original screen shot of your receipt for your purchase of The Other Fish in the Sea. And guess what? You'll get double points for purchasing TOFitS on release day! So, even if you don't have a chance to sign up to be a member of the GYP Street Team the day it launches, screen cap your purchase or save your email receipt so that when you do join, you can maximize your points earned, but be sure to sign up quickly as the first giveaway is set for one month after The Other Fish in the Sea releases, I believe. 

Yeah, I know, you're all thinking that none of this information is all that helpful to you right now because you don't even know when in the fuck the damned book is coming out, right? Well, despite still having quite a bit of work to do and knowing I'm going to be a raging bitch monster to those closest to me, have zombie-like bags under my eyes, and I'll have to be a horrific wife and mother to make it happen, here's announcement number three:


APRIL 23 in the year of our lord 2013

That will conclude the announcements as well as this blogpost. Let the universal celebration and widespread chatter about the date of release for #TOFitS commence.


  1. Good lord, I just spewed water at the biblical-like announcement of the release date. Guess I better put my pimp hat on and finish the GYP Street Team "stuff".

  2. Seriously!!! Guess I'll be ignoring everyone and everything on the 23rd. Can't wait.

  3. Yay! Tuesday never looked so good!


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