Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The 8th Member of the GYP Gang Character Reveal

Okay, all the GYP guys are yummy, yes? Tristan, I mean, uh helloooo? Holy fuck. That's all I got. Jeff...? Black hair and green eyes, with a smile that could melt an iceberg being continually worn? Yeah. And Pete...*sigh* Pete is just...I don't know. I mean he's good looking, but that's not what it is. He's just so laid back but when a situation truly means something to him, he's so very intense that you just know without a doubt that if he were to find you worth the effort to kiss, your lips would never recover.

Although you were introduced to him in Shark Bait, that introduction was at the most, brief. However, with The Other Fish in the Sea, be sure in the knowledge that I remedy that and allow me to formally introduce you to the 8th member of the Grab Your Pole gang; a SA-WOON-worthy guy to pant over and make sure you have a decent supply of clean delicates on hand after you have yourself a licentious fantasy or seven. He's what Camie and I (and pretty much every female on the planet) would call "Dirty-Hot." Here's a description straight from Book 2 in the Grab Your Pole series, The Other Fish in the Sea:
...looks pretty much like what you’d expect a guy who’s in a working rock band to look like. He has, actually, kind of pretty, icy-gray eyes and super dark brown hair that’s on the longer side in the middle because it’s still growing out from the Mohawk he had the first time I met him in October. His hair also perpetually looks like he just rolled out of bed, but it looks good, if that makes sense. He’s not especially tall and even though he’s not especially muscular either and his upper body is depicted with art that I gather wasn’t drawn on with Crayola washable markers, you can see he does have well-defined muscles—all of which was noticed when he was shirtless this afternoon. Both his ears are pierced two or three times each and there’s a very definite edge to him, like you know without a doubt that he totally walks on the wild side of life and probably always will. Like a dark, untamable horse. So yeah, he’s totally what I would call the epitome of “dirty-hot.” And yes, in my opinion he’s pretty damned nice to look at, although I do still get that “tread carefully here” feeling about him.
Yeah. He's in a band. He's pierced. He's inked. And, he's a little unnerving and potentially a ticking time bomb. Ladies and any gentleman who might so happen to swing that way, I give you...

*Disclaimer: Fictional book boyfriend DIBS have been called*

Oh yeah. Did I mention that he's sort of based off of someone I personally know and dated for a short time way way back in the day? Yeah. I know, right? The real-life guy honestly isn't too much like my character, and I wrote Brandon with a lot of J's physical attributes without even realizing I was doing it until one of my OBs (Original Bitches, abbreviated to save space) pointed it out. I was like, "I did wha—?*facepalm*" J is actually in not one, but something like three rock bands and I have had the good fortune to see him live more than once. He's also an uber-sweet guy; someone I told once that he deserves to be loved with reckless abandon, and I truly hope that he's finally found that with his new wife. But don't let knowledge of his relationship status keep you from drooling over him to the point where you have to guzzle Gatorade to rehydrate. I mean he *is* something of a rock star, and after all...that's part of the gig. ;-)

 Along with the rest of the GYP gang, you can now follow Brandon either on Facebook or on Twitter. Enjoy!

*all photos are either the property of the individual pictured, who has given me permission to use them, and/or have been copyrighted by David P. McCarter of www.heavymetaldave.net*


  1. BRANDON!! My love will NO LONGER remain silent.
    Sa-woooooony swoon swoon.

  2. I so loved being right! I can't wait to finish TOFitS and see more of Brandon. Even though I know he's all Andrea's. ;) I also agree with your sentiment about "there just being something about Lonely Pete." Yes. Congratulations again Jenn!


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