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The 2013 #YACushTourney Is Upon Us!

5/25/13 Crush Tourney Update:


Thanks to the hard work of the @GYPStreetTeam (pimping ain't easy you know), and the support of readers and fans alike, our GYP boy, Tristan, made it into the YA-Sisterhood's YA Crush Tourney!!

Thank you all SO much for your time and support, but it's not over! Now, Tristan along with 28 other drool-inducing guys (once the wildcard entrants are chosen) are in need of a "Book Blogger Advocate" to represent them and fight for them in the head-to-head rounds of the tournament which will begin on June 10th. So, if you're a book blogger and want to represent #TeamTristan or another guy in the tournament, keep your eyes peeled for the opportunity to do so! Advocate sign-ups will start this coming week after the 28th (I believe sign-ups are slated to run from May 28th thru June 1st) so make sure you apply QUICKLY—doing that will help you have a better chance at the yummilicious crush of your choice!! And, I know in the past there have been co-advocates, so if that's something you're interested in check with the YA Sisterhood now to see how you would go about doing that!! 

We're also in need of you folks who are uber-talented in the art of Photoshop!! Tristan's advocate will need pictures of hot guys who "look" like him and then they should be manipulated in some way to include quotes or just plain cool shit so that they stand out. We all know I'm deficient in that area so if that's something you're into and want to help out, I encourage you to do so! You can email your designs to me or the GYP Street Team, or you can simply post them to my Facebook Fanpage wall. Also, if you already have them highlighted or have the time and desire to go back through Shark Bait and The Other Fish in the Sea, #TeamTristan could probably use some awesome and swoon-worthy quotes and snippets for his advocate to use in the battle. Again, you can email those to me directly or to the Street Team, but please, in the interest of preventing spoilers, do not post quotes and snippets on a public forum like Facebook. Whatever quotes are chosen to be used in the tourney posts will be of course be seen by tournament participants and voters, however we don't need to spoil too much for readers so those quotes will be reviewed for length, "true" spoilers, and so on prior to using them.

I would also like to strongly urge you to join in the crazy-fun shenanigans that Twitter can be home to, and not only that, encourage all your friends and followers to do so as well! If you're not yet on Twitter & are concerend about not having followers, don't fret, you can follow all the Twitter peeps who follow The GYP Street Team and I'd be willing to bet a lot of them will follow you back, which also happens to be an excellent way to make new reader friends! Plus, Twitter is an excellent resource to find some of THE best book bloggers and reviewers in the blogosphere who might turn you on to a book you've never heard of or one that you've been putting off and want to kick your own ass for not reading sooner, AND they do some fantstic giveaways as well! Once you're on Twitter, make sure you follow @GYPStreetTeam in addition to me and use #YACrushTourney as well #TeamTristan in your crush tourney tweets!

Once again I'd like to thank you all for your endless support and enthusiasm. You guys make my heart happy sigh, and I know if we all do our part in regard to pimping and voting, Tristan can move forward in the tourney, so come on, guys, let's pimp our boy with #NoShame!!

Don't forget to grab your #TeamTristan badge!



YA Sisterhood's YA Crush Tourney is upon us. For those who are familiar, you know what crazy-exciting fun this event is, for those who don't and are GYP fans, you're about to find out. Your Twitter and Facebook feeds will most likely be blown the fuck with tweets and posts pimping and encouraging you and everyone on the planet to nominate and then vote for your favorite YA Book Boyfriends (of course if you're a GYP fan, I'm going to hope your faves will be Tristan, Jeff, Pete, and Brandon :-p).

Again, for those who are familiar and have participated in the shenanigans in the past, there are some changes this year to nominations and where and how it's all going down and you definitely should read the rules (especially in regard to the categories), but to make it easier on you, I've sort of broken it down below to ensure no one's votes are summarily thrown out.

Tristan and Jeff qualify for the Debut category with Shark Bait (you have to cite the book they're representing) which is at Page Turner's Blog: http://www.pageturnersblog.com/2013/0...

ALL 4 guys qualify in the categories of Realistic and Indie, but if you vote for Pete and/or Brandon in either of these, make sure you're citing The Other Fish in the Sea as the book they're representing b/c neither of them really had much to do in Shark Bait. If you nominate Tristan and/or Jeff in either of these categories, you can choose either book. The blog for Indie nominations is:http://www.stuckinbooks.com/2013/05/i...

The blog for Realistic nominations is: http://fictitious-delicious.blogspot....

You can only nominate each guy once in each category so for example, I'll show you how I voted:

Crush #1 Tristan/Shark Bait
Crush #2 Jeff/Shark Bait
Crush #3 
Crush #4
Crush #5
Crush #6

Crush #1 Tristan/Shark Bait (I might've cited TOFitS, but can't remember—both books qualify but you can only vote with one)
Crush #2 Jeff/The Other Fish in the Sea
Crush #3 Pete/The Other Fish in the Sea
Crush #4 Brandon/The Other Fish in the Sea
Crush #5
Crush #6

Crush #1 Tristan/Shark Bait (I might've cited TOFitS, but can't remember—both books qualify but you can only vote with one)
Crush #2 Jeff/The Other Fish in the Sea
Crush #3 Pete/The Other Fish in the Sea
Crush #4 Brandon/The Other Fish in the Sea
Crush #5
Crush #6

(Yeah, even though you can nominate up to 6 Book Boyfriends in each category, I left all the others blank b/c I'm selfish and don't want to create anymore competition for my guys. :-p How you fill in your form is totally up to you though, as long as it's only one vote/reader/qualifying character/qualified category.)

I know many of you aren't happy with a certain character right now, but think big picture and try to put the good of the series before your what your personal feelings might be at the moment. Plus, there's a reason why the GYP Street Team is pushing him. Not only has he been the Main GYP Book Boyfriend thus far in the series, but the new rules stipulate that although you can nominate several characters from the same author, only one character per specific author will be able to make it into the tournament. That means that if Tristan makes it into the top 6 of a given category with 76 votes and Jeff for example gets 68 in another, they'll place Tristan and not Jeff. So, in looking at the possible competition, we were strategizing and are thinking the Debut category will be the easiest way to get into the actual tournament and Tristan is *the* Book Boyfriend in the debut of Shark Bait. And by the way, getting into the tournament at all is HUGE. This thing trended worldwide on Twitter last year, so it's a really big deal (and a lot of fun)!! However, after some initial numbers updates, the 3 categories the GYP boys fit into is really pretty much anyone's game at the moment, so if you have the time and/or inclination, go ahead and vote them where they're qualified to be nominated and we'll see what happens.

Right as of this minute (according to the last update), Tristan is sitting at #3 in the Debut category, which is excellent, however he can get booted easily by Friday (May 25th) when the nominations close, so don't put it off! None of the guys are showing in the top 10 in Realistic at the moment, but the #1 dude is there with only 25 votes so if we really want to and pimp HARD, we can crush this shit! Also, there is no public listing of top 10 for Indie right now, but it would be nice to see if we can get someone to place there as well, again with the understanding that only one of the guys will be able to make it into the actual tournament regardless of how many categories he's nominated in. I know I've outlined it fairly well here, but just make sure you all read the rules for each category, and be sure to use a real name and a valid email address when you nominate/vote, and keep in mind that anyone with an email address can participate including your moms, dads, aunts, uncles, spouses, children...you get the point, which is that literally anyone can nominate and vote as long as they're real, have a valid email address, and fill the nomination forms out correctly. ;-)

If you do decide to participate and are on Twitter, make absolutely sure you're pimping with the hashtag #YACrushTourney (this goes for Instagram as well), and if you can, think about following and then tagging @GYPStreetTeam in your tweets so that they can help. Plastering Facebook is awesome too, and using any other social media outlets like Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, and so on to rally support and votes is encouraged as well. You can even simply get on the phone or drive your ass over to your BFF's house and make them get on the bandwagon as well. And don't forget, this is YA—meaning Young Adult, so if any of you have NA/Adult author friends you feel comfortable enough to ask for their support, I say do it. This is the kind of thing where I myself and the Street Team will be pimping with #NoShame and we can use all the support and backers that we can get our newbie/greedy little hands on. We also had someone make a button/avatar that's on my FB fanpage and here on my blog up on the righthand side for anyone who really wants to show their #TeamTristan support!

Additionally, if we get one of our boys in the tournament, we'll be needing everyone to continue to vote in the March Madness-style head-to-head rounds, AND we'll need a blogger advocate for him, so if you're a die-hard fan and a blogger, think about whether this might be something you'd like to do! Sign-ups for advocates will take place May 28th—June 1st, after the nominations for the crushes are over, which is this Friday, May 25th.

If you'd like more info on the tournament you can go to the YA Sisterhood and read up on it a bit! http://ya-sisterhood.blogspot.com/201...

Again, I just want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for what will hopefully be a bonafide deluge of #TeamGYP/#TeamTristan crap flooding your personal posts and your feeds, as well as all of your encouragement and support of me and this series. Really, I'm truly humbled and honestly, I'm uber-giddy about the possibility of being in this tournament with some of the authors I'm up against...it's an incredible honor and I wouldn't even have the chance if it weren't for all of you, so seriously, thank you. :-* 

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