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As most of you are aware, the second book in the Grab Your Pole series, The Other Fish in Sea, saw my sister, our friends, as well as myself in some difficult and tumultuous situations, and it left many individuals dangling off a rather grim precipice.

Anticipating the public's response to certain events in TOFitS and in a particularly parental fashion, Jenn Cooksey spirited Tristan away within a matter of minutes of that book’s release, and no one aside from our creator has seen or heard from him since. Soon after Jenn had Tristan safely underground, the rest of us were put in lockdown. Although there were one or two successful prison breaks over the last few months, they were incredibly brief and we have been, for the most part, unable to interact with readers, or each other.

Naturally I've become overly bored and well, I’ve decided I don’t care to be in lockdown any longer. I mean season 8 of Supernatural isn't out on Netflix yet and there's only so many card games a girl can play and beat herself at before she has to take matters into her own hands, you know? Not only that, but there are a few messages I need to get to some people as to encourage and inspire them. So, if you'd like to join me in exploiting Jenn's usual pre-publishing frenzy in which she will most likely be neglecting social media in the coming days, in addition to taking advantage of a skill set of mine that I used to swipe Jenn's book playlists, you're more than welcome to follow along and share everywhere you're able to as I help those poor souls still sitting in solitary gear up for what's coming on July 30th.

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Follow links can be found HERE and on behalf of the gang and myself, we'd like you to know how inordinately blessed we feel to be able to share our journey with you, and we thank you for hanging in there with us. 

We’ll see you on the 30th!
Boy howdy, so am I, but first...
*Please note that songs will not be posted in any particular order and although certain songs are mentioned in the book and are indicative of what’s occurring in the GYP gang’s lives at any given time, some are not. There will be selections associated with individuals, and some that were simply used as inspiration in Jenn's writing. Not to mention that I plan to use a few songs to communicate directly to my GYP family and friends.*

For Your Listening Pleasure selections posted thus far:


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  2. I should have been checking back more often, then I would have the playlist ready as soon as I download the book. I didn't find the playlists for the other two so I wrote down all the titles or artists mentioned and made playlists. I have a large music collection so I had fun. Now to make another and see how many of these songs I have. Love Love Love books and music!!!

  3. You still need to add "Far Away". This playlist isn't complete without it.


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