Sunday, August 4, 2013

SOoW Shenanigans & Live Read

Shenanigans & Live Read

TV’s much-celebrated Shark Week is upon us and through a reader who posted a fun little drinking game to go along with watching the show, and as Shark Out of Water released last week just in time for the SW shenanigans, a bunch of my GYP Bitches and I thought it would be a blast to participate in Shark Week but do it SOoW style. So here’s what I’m proposing: We do a live video read-thru of Shark Out of Water with people who have already read it, and we’ll do it via Google Hangouts (thus the live on video). We’ll also include our own SOoW infused adaptation of the below Shark Week drinking game. 

Now this should go without saying, but this particular bit of GYP fun is not only for those who have finished reading Shark Out of Water, but it is also strictly for those who are of legal drinking age. Period. If I don’t already know you, I’ll ask for ID before we get started each night.

Buffy reference = 2 Drinks
Autumn & Megan arguing over Pete = 1 Drink
Jillian referred to as Satan = 2 Drinks

As a side note, we will be taking turns each evening reading and whoever is reading at the current time will be exempt from drinking.

Now in order to pull this off and make it fun and open to as many of you as I can, I need to know what kind of time-table works best for those interested in playing so that we can get through the whole book. Once I have that information, I can create a schedule that works for the majority. Originally I was thinking we’d do it with Shark Week playing in the background, but that means everyone would need to be available every night of the coming week and be able to not only be able to read and follow along without many distractions, but also be cool with possibly getting tanked every night for a week. I’m kinda thinking that plan needs some work, but who knows, I might not be the only one with no life.

With that said, take a look at your calendars for the coming month and chime in on the below polls. And then if you’re definitely interested, either comment here, email or message me your interest and make sure to include the best email address to reach you at so that I can make sure you stay in the loop.

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  1. Maybe you should add two drinks for every Star Wars reference:)


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