Monday, August 26, 2013

My FIRST-EVER Author Event!!

Guess who's FINALLY doing a book signing!

Yes, ME!!

I'll be at the Renaissance in Phoenix Arizona with a SLEW of other amazing authors so if you haven't already gotten your ticket, please visit Phoenix Author Signing to register!

Now here's some exciting news! The print editions of Shark Bait (new cover) and The Other Fish in the Sea are almost available for purchase!! I'm currently awaiting the proof copies and once I confirm them, I will be placing my order for the signing event. Be advised though, I will only be bringing a limited amount of copies to sign at the event, so for a very short time, I'm taking pre-orders for those attending the signing! The pre-order price for each book will be $10.00 and the vintage edition of Shark Bait (old cover, which will no longer be available after the new cover goes up), will be $11.00. Keep in mind, these are discounted prices for pre-orders only!

Remember, these discounted prices are for event attendees only and will only be available until THIS Thursday, so for those who are planning to come see me in a few weeks and want to ensure you get signed books, place your orders NOW! To do that, email me at contactjenncooksey(at)gmail(dot)com with your order and what time slot you're registered for, and I'll email you back with how to pay using Pay Pal. Once your payment has been received, I will include your order to mine which will be placed no later than Friday morning.

Again, books available for purchase at the event will be limited and purchase prices will go up so save some time and money and get your pre-orders in!!

Shark Bait (Vintage) - $11
Shark Bait (New Cover) - $10
The Other Fish in the Sea - $10

AT the Event:
Shark Bait (Vintage) - $14
Shark Bait (New Cover) - $12
The Other Fish in the Sea - $12
Methods of payment accepted at the event:
Cash - Pay Pal - Visa - Master Card - American Express - Discover

Oh and in case you haven't seen them, here's what the print covers look like!!


  1. Wish I could be there. *wipes tear*

    1. I know!!!! By all rights, you SHOULD be there because those are the rules!! I mean that's how I always imagined my first holding me and speaking softly in encouragement while I concentrate on breathing and making it through one of the most exciting and pleasurable, yet scary experiences of my life. *licks you*

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